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The Importance of the Mold Remediation Process

6/29/2020 (Permalink)

Image of a professional with proper and equipment removing mold from the wall of a residential home. The crew you hire will need to take proper precautions to remove mold safely.

Too many homeowners believe that mold growth can be handled in typical DIY fashion, but that is a mistake. There are several mold varieties that a person should not expose themselves to unless they have the proper training, which is why a remediation company in North St. Paul, MN, is strongly recommended for the removal process. The standard method involves five steps.

  • Safety
  • Containment
  • Waste removal
  • Cleaning
  • Restoration

5 Steps Involved in The Standard Method for Mold Remediation

1. Safety

Depending on the mold species, the crew you hire will need to take precautions. On the first day, they will collect samples of the mold damage and send those samples to a lab for identification. If the mold is a toxic variety, then the crew will need to wear full protective units, gloves and ventilators. For more docile species, a face mask and gloves will suffice.

2. Containment

The remediation company may seal off the affected area to prevent further exposure. It is also common for the team to spray down the mold with water to prevent mold spores from escaping to other areas of your home while being disposed of and collected. The team will also resolve any issues of water damage.

3. Waste Removal

For generic mold growth, waste removal is straightforward, but toxic species require more preparation and caution. Teams will seal the collected pieces in airtight bags before walking them out of the infested space.

4. Cleaning

Once the mold is removed, the remediation company will begin cleaning the affected space. They will use several commercial cleaners and disinfectants to kill any remaining spores before moving on with the restoration of your home.

5. Restoration

During the restoration phase of the process, the team will replace any drywall and insulation they removed. They will also make sure that the wall studs are structurally sound. The objective is to restore your home to predisaster conditions.
Mold growth can be devastating to homeowners.

A mold remediation company is essential to freeing your space of the infestation. Do not attempt to do it alone.