Fire Damage Photo Gallery

We Take Care of our Customers

We want to make sure that the content cleaning is done right after a fire. We make sure to use bubble wrap on any items that are fragile. We don't want these items to accidentally break when we replace them in the cleaned home of our clients.

Clogged Vent Cleaning for Fire Prevention

A fire may not start in a vent but debris in the vent can cause a fire to move from one room to another faster. Keep your home from more damage by cleaning vents regularly.

Home Fire and Board Up

Fires can damage a home in many ways. Firefighters also damage homes in order to locate and extinguish the fire. Here at SERVPRO we take care of securing your home while we wait for cleanup and restoration to start.

Fire Damaged Exterior

There are multiple reasons why the exterior of a home will be burned. The most common are:

  1. BBQ is too close to the house
  2. Ashtray near the house

Either case is a covered loss that we can take care of for you.

What causes a chimney fire?

A chimney fire starts when there is a lot of buildup that has not been properly cleaned out. The creosote left over by the smoke ignites again and causes smoke and fire to return back into the home. 

Restoration after Fire Damage

This is what it looks like when the blown in insulation is burned and falls from the ceiling. All the piled up fluff is insulation that had dropped after the ceiling burned and the fire made its way into the attic.

Residential Fire Cleanup Services

Fire damage cleanup in St. Paul can be done locally by calling SERVPRO. We work fast and are the trusted brand by insurance and commercial clients. We take care of soot removal, smoke cleanup, and fire restoration.