Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Toilet and sink with sewage rings

Sewage Rings in a Bathroom

The rings in this bathroom were left behind from sewage. The old sewage lines were backed up after a big storm that came though White Bear. We had the place cleaned and the wood floors fixed.

Mud from Storm Damage

Flooded Bathroom from Storm Damage

The mud from the storm covered this home in Pine Springs, MN. There are many problems that have to be addressed after storm damage. The cleanup needs to begin right away to keep bacteria and mold from growing within the home.

Mold along baseboards.

Baseboard Mold Damage

Heavy storms can cause water to get into your home through cracks in the foundation. This home had a small crack that didn't cause a problem for years. However, after the recent storms the water found its way in but it went unnoticed until it was too late.

Sump pump in basement

Basement Sump Pump Failure

A basement sump pump is vital in keeping out excess water during a storm. They do, however, fail at times that can cause flooding as it did in the basement of this home near White Bear Lake. We provided the cleanup and restoration for the home after the problem.

Frozen Hose Bib

Remember to Remove the Hose

During the winter months in Saint Paul it can get really cold. It's important to remember to remove the hose from the hose bib that leads into the house. The frozen hose causes a leak inside the house that needs to be cleaned up right away.

Debris Removal after Flooding

Flood Cuts and Debris Removal

After a flood there is a lot of demolition to do in the home before it can be restored. All the contaminated building materials have to be removed and what is left has to be disinfected. Now we are ready for drying and rebuilding.