Commercial Photo Gallery

Flooded commercial building

Metal Studs in Commercial Buildings

Metal studs are great because they are sturdy and easy to assemble. However, they do cause a problem for water damage. We need to remove the drywall to get to the water stuck between the channels of the metal studs.

Ink Damage from Commercial Printer

Commercial Printer Explosion

Nobody likes to be the guy to change the ink to the copy machine. This can happen to anyone. The cleaning should be done by professionals or the ink could set into the carpet.

Equipment in Senior Living Center

Senior Living Center with Roof Leak

The leaking in this Senior Living center was from a clean water source in the above room. The buckets are good way to keep the water from getting out of hand, but it was our equipment and trained professionals that cleaned the room for the tenant.

Commercial Building with Water Damage

Equipment Lined Hallway

Water damages come in all shapes and sizes. This building was in bad shape until we showed up to start the drying process. We have enough equipment for home and commercial water damage cleanup needs.

Confirmed Case COVID-19 Cleaning

Confirmed COVID-19 Cleaning

There are two types of COVID-19 cleaning. There is proactive cleaning and there is cleaning after a confirmed case.

We use EPA registered disinfectants to clean confirmed COVID-19 Cleaning cases.

COVID-19 Cleaning in PPE

Corporate COVID-19 Cleanup

There are companies out there that want to make sure their clients are safe by proactively cleaning their businesses. We were glad to help and are thankful for companies who are looking out for their customers.